How to make the YouTube intro

A YouTube introduction is a small clip that plays in the start of many videos. It is basically for giving the knowhow of the channel and its content. It is also about the creator of the channel. The introduction is often countenancing the appealing graphics that gives the combination of visual text and some images which can attract the viewer to view it again.

The first part of the video is of a few seconds and very important as well. And if you failed in appealing the viewers then he might go for another video. So, the next important question is how to make the YouTube intro video.

Introduction of the video is the unique way of introducing the material and brand in a best form. Also, if you have the amazing intro then it pursues the viewer to watch it more. Generating the introduction of the channel is very easy and uncomplicated. It will just take few minutes to create an intriguing video.

Select the type of your intro

YouTube intros are different in messages, designs, and length with other factors. For generating the intro of your video of your own choice, the first thing you should watch is to see what kinds of content are provided by the channels with similar ideas. By watching this, you can get better idea and inspiration too for your channel intro.

Most of the people consider it their chance to stigmatize their channel with the unique name and in a reserved way. You should know the basic idea of your channel and work on it accordingly. Make it clear what colors are required for it, what should be the name of your channel and videos in it etc.

Add the pictures of your choice

You can also add some pictures of your choice in the beginning of your intro video. For instance, if you have the channel related to food then you can add some images of food related items or if you are running a business or motivational channel then people might be curious to know who is behind the camera. You can also add transitions into the images to make it worth watching.

Add text

There are a lot of things that you should consider before putting a text into your intro. This text might include your name, your channel’s name and what type of content is available in your channel. You can make your text noticeable and attractive. The intro should be very catchy, but the text may not because people can appeal the good text in the intro.

Combination of different colors and the extra colors should be in consideration. As bright colors are attracting sight of many viewers and gives you benefit in some ways

Adjusting the standard length of intro

The length of your intro should be of standard size because too lengthy intro might cause the public to get bored easily while the smaller may not be able to clearly convey your introductory message to the viewer.

Styling of the intro

You should make it sure that your styling is right and according to your content because some viewers are very much intrigued by the styling of the video. Do not use too many themes and transitions and keep your video little bit simple and easy to understand. Your styling is the reflection of the way in which you are conveying and promoting your content.

Merging of intro with video

In the final steps, you should merge your intro video with your channel video that you are going to upload. The starting part of the video should be intro. You should make it sure that the transition you are using between these two videos is smooth and viewers do not just switch to another video.

Upload your intro video on YouTube

The last step is to upload your video on YouTube after checking it for once.

There are many different applications out there which help in making the intro of your YouTube channel. Also, a good intro can increase the views, likes, comments, shares and subscribers on your channel. Video views are the basic ones which some viewers notice before watching the video so it is important to make an intro that can help in increasing your views on the videos.