7 tips to get more fans and hearts on TikTok 

Have you noticed that some users on TikTok already have millions of fans and thousands of interactions? From taking part in challenges to optimizing your own hashtags and posting at the right time, the creative ways to get more fans and hearts and build a community on TikTok are endless. Here, we are ships some foolproof tips to gain more fans and hearts.

1: Use a good video creator and editor:

By using the right tool, you can always improve the efficiency and performance of a good job. If TikTok allows you to cut unwanted parts of a video or add special effects, it lacks the functionality to make your video exceptional. You can find many types of intuitive and powerful applications to create original videos instantly. LightMV allows you, for example, to create a surprising video in no time. In addition, it offers a wide range of models that will make you happy.

2: Be passionate, unique, and dedicated:

Once you have decided to make your dream come true, never give up, and go beyond the goals you have set. Continue to give the best content to your audiences and trust yourself. If your audiences get useful and interesting information from you, they will certainly like your video, and you can have more fans on TikTok in this case.

3: Create a specific and short video:

TikTok has a time limit on the videos you can download. In addition, some fans may not have much time to watch a long video. So you have to make it concise. Of course, creating a short video is a daunting task. In fact, before you publish the video, you need to spend enough time preparing all the details.

4: Cross-promotion:

Besides sharing the video on TikTok, you can also share it on other social networks like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and other social platforms. Your fans on TikTok can easily recognize your account, especially if you use the same username. So you can have more fans on other social networks. Also, buy TikTok fans to increase your following count in no time. An American frozen steak brand Steak-umm reposts its TikTok videos on their Twitter account that has over 157K followers. Now this brand has over 80k followers due to cross-promotion.

5: Have fun with your work:

Most people enjoy humorous and funny videos. Besides, it will be very annoying if the audiences do not find anything interesting in your video, and they may even no longer follow you. To have more likes on TikTok, you can add fun elements to your video. Try to create a good show, use good jokes, add quotes, etc.

6: Post the videos at peak time:

When you know the habits of your fans, you can gain benefits. Nowadays, people are busier and have only a little time to relax. It is, therefore, vital to post the videos at the right time. Normally, people can have enough time to watch the videos when they are not working. In the beginning, it is better to publish the videos at different times and compare the numbers of views. Afterward, you will know the best time to post a video and have more likes.

7: Take part in challenges and create your own challenge too:

TikTok continually offers many types of challenges and allows hundreds and thousands of users to participate. You can follow trends more and especially follow the habits of the general public when you participate in challenges. Use the trend hashtags when posting the video to your profile. Also, don’t hesitate to create your own challenge or trend too.

If the current challenges or trends don’t seem fit to your brand’s identity, don’t fret; create your own trend to grow your fans. American singer Jennifer Lopez uses TikTok to create dance challenges, and her fans recreate her dance moves and upload videos on TikTok.

Bottom Line:

Eventually, the best way to gain more fans and hearts will come down to your own creativity, so start experimenting and offer something new you’ve always wanted to try. Create original and high-quality entertaining content that will sweep your fans off their feet. Buy TikTok hearts to get more eyeballs on your videos and grow your fan base. Which strategies for getting more hearts and growing fans do you use? Leave a comment and let us know.