Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s

Before you buy any of our services, we suggest reading these frequently asked questions to remove all ambiguities.

Do you need my password?

No way! We don’t need the password of your account to process the order. The services are linked with username/URL link only. We never ask for our client’s confidential information.

Will I get likes, shares, or followers from real users?

Absolutely. We encourage our clients to check our history. We always deal with authentic services. We have a network of authentic profiles. There are no bots associated with our services.


How long will it take to receive the services?

It usually happens within minutes of placing the order. However, sometimes, depending on the number of views, likes or followers, it may take a few hours. We try our best to offer super-fast services to our customers. We understand no one likes to wait.

Is there any refill guarantee?

Yes! we do offer free refill guarantee as per the policy in case any of our provided services has drop.


Will, my account get banned using your services?

Relax! Since we deal with authentic services only, your account will be in safe hands. No matter what quantity you order, your account will not get banned. We take extra care to follow all legal requirements ensuring we comply with Instagram/YouTube/TikTok’s services.

Will anyone knows I bought your services?

All your data is kept confidential. No one will ever know about your purchase. If it helps, you are not the only one buying our services. The celebrities, influencers, and business accounts that are enjoying fame on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok all buy our services. It’s perfectly safe to buy followers, likes, views, and shares.

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Real Services

Instadean’s is #1 when come to provide real services. We never compromise on quality.

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Fast Delivery

With our state of art system, your order will be fulfilled in a few hours up to a few days.

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24/7 Customer Support

Customer is KING! We’re always here for you! Our customer service runs 24/7.

Go Viral with Premium services.

Last Updated: Nov 20th, 2020


Are you aiming to become famous or want your content to go viral? Do you want to start an influencer’s career? If it all sounds familiar, we are here to help.
Tiktok has emerged as a new app of entertainment for the young ones. It has millions of fan base and hundreds of new users are actively joining. It’s an extremely wonderful platform to get famous.

How We Help You Get Famous

Many users have created accounts on TikTok thinking it’s a place to get famous just like that. Getting started is easy. You may also have highly entertaining videos. However, getting noticed on TikTok is no easy feat. Without sufficient likes, shares, views, and followers, you are far away in your journey of success. InstaDean can cover the distance and make you prosper. Buy Tiktok followers, shares, views, and likes from us to expedite success.

Start Your Success Story on Tiktok in Just a Few Clicks

Are you ready to get famous? All it takes is just a few steps and you are ready to go viral:

  • Monetize Your Account: Buy Tiktok views for your videos from real accounts and get the attention of people out there. Make brands grow their trust in you and choose you to promote their products. Soon, you will monetize your account and start earning from TikTok.
  • Get Viral: These followers, views, and likes to present you the opportunity to make your content go viral.

Let us Turn Your Dream Into Reality

Small businesses, influencers, celebrities, and individuals; all are showcasing their talent on TikTok. What’s stopping you? TikTok is a marketing platform that works wonders. Our TikTok fans package gives you the chance to put yourself out there in front of the audience on this social media platform not just locally but globally. Soon, you will turn into an influencer and start earning passive income from sponsored posts.

InstaDean promises fans from 100% real accounts. They will engage, like, comment, and follow you just like any other user on TikTok as long as you are producing quality content.

We offer you the opportunity to stand tall from the crowd at a reasonable cost. Buy TikTok likes and watch how quickly you get famous. It’s an algorithm of every social media platform. You only get noticed if you have enough likes, shares, or followers on your account. We bring you the solution in the form of active TikTok fans.


Our best Features

  • Top-notch Quality Services: We promise 100% authentic TikTok serves. No competitor has been able to meet the quality standard set by us.
  • Fast Delivery: Don’t like to wait? No worries, we have you covered with our fast solutions. We deliver all orders on time. The moment you place your order, fans start rolling in your account.
  • Get Famous: Expand your reach to a global level with more shares, likes, views, and followers. Whether you are a business owner uploading promotional videos or an influencer, fame awaits you.
  • Affordable Price: We take pride in building our packages at the most affordable price. Get viral without breaking your bank.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Need help while placing an order? Our team is here to offer you support 24/7 starting from placing an order to after-sales support.
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